The Limousines x Shook x Sunner Soul

This past weekend, one of my best buddy was talking wonders about this new group he heard on Sirrius satellite called The Limousines. So being curious as I am, I had to check them out. The San Francisco duo is producing some pretty interesting indie-electro-pop music. From what I have seen on their website and facebook page, they look like a couple of weirdo’s loving music, video games, masturbation and drugs…

Anyway, their debut album Get Sharp as created some hype since it’s  early 2011 release.

You can listen to it below


and buy it on Itunes.



The Always funky and refreshing Shook as gifted his facebook fans of a free download of his latest single Garota 92.


Head out to his facebook page and click the like button and you’ll get acces to the freebie.



Russian Sunner Soul as been creating some awesome nu-disco sounds all free to download on soundcloud. His latest remix is no different.


Check out all of his music below


It is my hope you will find something of your liking,


Xenon Gibbs

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