Emeron & Fox x Monitor 66 x Robert Rodriguez

Good monday morning everyone,

The cold days are not too far.


Summer is slowly disapearing but we are not ready yet to trade or shorts and shades for the scarfs & boots.

So what have you done this past weekend, I, for my part, went for my fav things in this life; music show, biking, poker and party! (It was a long weekend for me)

Let’s just say it did not disappoint…

Anyhow, here’s some new music to help digest the past weekend excess of good things.


The brooklyn duo of Emeron & Fox is a fresh new name in the electronic world. They are making sounds in the range of Indie-Dance/Nu-Disco to Synthpop and New Wave. The guys are currently working on their first album.

In the meantime, take a listen to their single Nightmare

I love the deepness of the track, check out all their music on Soundcloud and  follow them on Twitter.


The swedish boys of Monitor 66 (which I have featured in the Introspective Session Mix) have this oh so amazing remix coming out soon on Silouette Music.

Here it is


To keep the wheel of great collaboration turning, Roberto Rodriguez delivered his special treatment to the Monitor 66′s Triscuit .

And yes, it sounds exactly like it should!


You can listen those two remixes and some more awesome deep groovin stuff in Chris Jylkke September Mixtape


Keep close for more coming soon,

Xenon Gibbs

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