Atlas Genius

I have been listening Atlas Genius music for a while now but I just realized I haven’t done a proper post on them yet. So here it is.

Atlas Genius is an Australian Indie band of four members. Their story started back in 2011 with their debut EP Through The Glass featuring the single Trojans as well the equally good Back Seat and Symptoms and an the slower acoustic version of Trojans.

You can buy the EP on Itunes by clicking — here


For most indie bands, great songs usually makes for equally great remixes by electronic producers. Fred Falke and Goldroom, both of which I feature regularly on this site, are on remix duties and they delivered as expected beautiful alternate versions of Back Seat and Trojans.

For more remixes and an awesome cover of The XX – Islands, go visit their soundcloud page — here


Atlas Genius are relatively still unknown outside of Australia and New Zealand. I do believe that they will start to invade America and Europe in the near feature. They are definitely a band to watch in 2013.

The aussie band is currently touring the USA. Visit the website at more details on dates and location of upcoming Atlas Genius gigs.

As for now, I leave you with the recently released official videos for Trojans and Back Seat (which I have both featured in the new Video section)


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