Zeon Light 5


It’s been a while since A RIDE INTO THE WILDA little over 4 months actually. This one is part of the Zeon Light series, each mixtape focusing on a specific vibe. The concept was to create a smooth and peaceful ambiance. The music can be describe as a blend of chillwave and post-modern/post-dubstep with organic elements.

Most of the songs featured in Zeon Light 5 have been posted in here during the past few months. If you are following us regularly you’ll probably recognize some of them. If your not following us yet and you like what we do, please do so by either following us on WordPress or by liking our Facebook page.

Thank you for your support and have a good listen.

Like always, the playlist is included so encourage the artists by buying the songs you like.


1. just wanna feel something // SMΛЦG

2. all yours // Andrea

3. wash // Bon Iver (OMN remix)

4. by love // Teen Daze

5. sunrays // Catching Flies

6. mirrors // Jhené Aiko (J₤ZUS MILLION edit)

7. valley girl // Luvian Sound

8. try again // Aaliyah (Andrea remix)

9. thinkin bout you // Atlas (Frank Ocean cover)

10. rolling stone // The Weeknd (Truth remix)

11. gold dayz // Ultraista (Maribou State remix)

12. castles // Montevideo (Tourist remix)

13. scarlett groove // Maribou State (Llesca remix)

14. you know you like it // AlunaGeorge (Bondax remix)

15. sex // The 1975 (Ryan Hemsworth remix)

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