PL▷YITLOUDRR Guest Mix #002// Mosaicc


After releasing our first guest mix a little less than two weeks ago, we are back with our second collaboration, this time from the up and coming american producer Mosaicc.

Hi Bradd, we’re really happy to have you on board for this. I have been following you (and your music) for a while now. For those who doesn’t know you yet, what could you tell us about yourself?

Hello :) My name is Bradd Haynes, I go by “Mosaicc”. I’m 19 years old making music in the DMV area*. I guess that’s it haha.    *DMV area is DC, Maryland and Virginia combined

 On your soundcloud profil page you have written “nogenre”. Tell us what you mean by that and what are your main influences when it comes to producing music?

I never really stick to one type of “sound” I guess, so that’s why it says nogenre ( no genre ). Expect the unexpected. Also, nogenre has nothing to do with B.O.B’s mixtape. As far as influences, I’m not entirely sure. I seriously love Toro Y Moi and the first track I sang on ( This Is Not by Mosaicc ) was Toro Y Moi inspired. I listen to a lot of music though and I just take bits and pieces from everything.

Mosaicc is your your artist name & moniker online. Speaking of online, you have establish a pretty strong and loyal fan base on the “interweb”, specifically on Soundcloud! What about live shows/Djing, is this something that interest you?

:) I’d like to think so. It’s been a big difference since I first made my soundcloud. I remember when I would post a song and only have like 10 plays from me and a couple of friends. Now seeing it shoot past one thousand in a matter of hours or days is crazy.
I’ve only done a house party or two but it wasn’t my music it was just a dj set. I’m trying to set some shows up soon though. They’ll be recorded and posted so you can look forward to that. But I’m super shy so I’m a bit nervous of singing and playing my own music. I’ll get over it though, hopefully

A lot of young promising producers are emerging in America right now. What is your take on that, who’s to watch in the near future?

Haha seriously too many to list. I’d rather not even say. Just keep a watch out for everyone you know.

What is next for Mosaicc, are you working on some new music, collaboration or project you can tell us about?

The Next thing for Mosaicc is finalizing my Live Set so everything goes smoothly. I’m also working on an album that should hopefully be ready during the summer. Also, keep your eyes open for a couple of collabs.

Finally, the traditional IPOD question, what are the tunes you can’t get enough of lately?

Hmm. The Staves just dropped an album and it’s amazing. I’m always listening to Kacica, Y La Bamba and A$AP Rocky. The songs in the mix I made are also stuck in my head.


Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions and for the exquise mix!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Track List ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
1. Luvian – Only You 
2. Utrecht – Like I Love You 
3. Armeria & Karma Kid – Do Me Wrong 
4. Exempt – Promised You 
5. Rules – I’m Patient 
6. Owsey, Stumbleine & Resotone – You’re The Shade Of My Heart 
7. Furns – Don’t Mind (Patchley Remix) 
8. JMSN – Alone ( Royal Pill After Pill Remix ) 
9. Mosaicc – Comatose 
10. Karma Kid – Lust, Love

For more on Mosaicc, look him up on Souncloud // Facebook // Twitter

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