En Vrac: 15/05


Okay so many good vibes are passing by on soundcloud and youtube and I just don’t have enough time to post them one by one. So, no choice but to go with another good old “En Vrac”.

Let’s start with some good dream pop from Tea Leigh & Luke Reed.

and the equally good electro-pop/synth-pop remix from Pleasure Curses.

Here’s the latest from Mikky Ekko !

Anybody knows Cold War Kids ? I got to know their music recently through a good friend of mine. Here’s the video for “Miracle Miles”.

And the very cool remix from Houses.

Britain’s Crystal Fighters have a new album coming out soon called “Cave Rave”. Judging from these next three songs, I think it’s gonna be pretty solid!

Oh it’s confirmed, this is gonna be a sweet album, here’s the album sampler stream:

Let’s end this post with the latest from one of my favourite new band, The 1975. The song is called “fallingforyou”. It’s gonna be the ender of their forthcoming “IV EP”. I like the nice 90′s feel to it.

I’ll be back soon with another “En Vrac” showcasing my latest discoveries on the electronic spectrum! #deephouse #nudisco #postdubstep #chillwave #futurebeat

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