En Vrac: 22/07


Hey everyone, It’s been more than a month since my last blog entry, by far the longest time off since I started this music discovery site a year and an half ago. The reason behind this lack of online presence is quite simple, I am travelling all over western Canada, old school way! Camping, eating kraft dinner over a nice fire, washing in the river or lake, cherry picking, hiking, mountain biking, partying and having the time of my life! As much as I love running this site, I needed some time off and most importantly I needed to reconnect with my first love; the nature, the mountains and the wild! Mission accomplished as I’m getting into good shape and feeling great!


Anyway, let’s get back to business the music! If you are wondering, I am still managing the soundcloud page as well as looking into the e-mails/music submissions the best I can with the limited Wi-Fi I get. For the most part, my best buddy and right hand, Hassan Laramée has been feeding you guys with new and exciting musical posts! The site is running as fluidly as ever.

With that being said, here’s my selection of the finest & freshest tunes that got their way into my stream (and attention) in the last month or so. (I’m not gonna cover them all since my collaborators did an excellent job of posting most of the cool songs)

Electronic// Eclectic // Soothing // Future // Sexy

Like always, be sure to support the artist(s) as I strongly suggest to buy the music you like!

I’ll try my best to be back sooner than later with a new post focusing on other music genres, such as indie, rock, alternative and folk.



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