Josh And Mer – The Tithe (Album stream)


On this greyish day in beautiful BC, I am all thoughts, should I stay here or go back to good old east coast? Tough decision, maybe I will need music…

I open my Soundcloud page, put on some music and look into the newest e-mails and music submissions. One e-mail stick out of the lot, because of the title, exquisitely indie.  So, I open it and to my great pleasure, I find just what I was looking for! And let me tell you that the title is perfectly fitting.

The duo is called Josh And Mer, for Josh Schroeder and Meredith Adelaide, two Oregon natives, living in Portland, loving the Pacific Northwest and making some exquisitely soothing indie, pop music. They have just released their sophomore album called The Tithe and it’s a beauty!


Hit the play button and let the music speak for itself!

Find Josh And Mer on Soundcloud, Facebook & Twitter

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